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Tour dates for bands I like.

By way of a Public Service Announcement for people with Taste in music ;) UK dates only - let me know if you want others.

Paradise Lost:
Monday 24th Mar 2003 - London, Mean Fiddler
Tuesday 25th Mar 2003 - Cardiff, MS1
Wednesday 26th Mar 2003 - Glasgow, Garage
Thursday 27th Mar 2003 - Manchester, Hop & Grape
Friday 28th Mar 2003 - Bradford, Rio
Saturday 29th Mar 2003 - Dudley, J.B.'s

3 Colours Red:
Thursday 3rd April 2003 - Manchester, Academy 2
Friday 4th April 2003 - Dudley, J.B.'s
Saturday 5th April 2003 - London, Mean Fiddler
Sunday 6th April 2003 - Glasgow, Garage
Monday 7th April 2003 - Leicester, Charlotte

The Wildhearts:
Wednesday 23rd April 2003 - Nottingham, Rock City
Thursday 24th April 2003 - Manchester, MDH/Academy
Friday 25th April 2003 - Glasgow, Barrowlands
Saturday 26th April 2003 - Wolverhampton, Wulfrun Hall
Monday 28th April 2003 - Cornwall, Truro Hall
Tuesday 29th April 2003 - Folkestone, Leas Cliff Hall
Wednesday 30th April 2003 - Norwich, UEA
Friday 2nd May 2003 - London, Forum
Saturday 3rd May 2003 - Portsmouth, Pyramids
Monday 5th May 2003 - Dublin, Music Centre
Tuesday 6th May 2003 - Cardiff, Uni
Wednesday 7th May 2003 - Newcastle, Uni

I'll probably be at all the London dates above, unless I'm too ill.

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