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I'm afraid of vegans.

Veganstore.co.uk has me saying "mmmm!" and "blech!" in alternation. Sometimes on consecutive products.

I want everything on the sweeties page, except for the ones containing carob (blech!) or that are sugar free (so very wrong!). I am ordering a pot of vegan chocolate spread right now, and if it's any good, I'll get a case of them :) Mmmmm, vegan fudge. It's all fairly cheap, too.

The mock meats page, however, scares me. Apparently there is a range of food called "[meat name] (NOT!)". Wayne's World meets vegetarianism, or something. Vegan caviar is so very, very wrong. And I can't decide whether a vegan pepperoni pizza, with vegan cheese and vegan pepperoni (sorry, Pepperoni (NOT!) TM) falls into the "mmmm!" camp or the "blech!" camp. Possibly both at once.

If I am ever in Australia, I am going to Vegetarian Orgasm. I am contemplating moving to Melbourne just so I can eat there every day.

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