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I "ate" at McDonalds this evening.

Missed my train by a tediously small amount of time - enough to give me almost a half-hour wait for the next one. I was hungry, and couldn't be bothered to go home and cook for just me, with Richard being out for the evening. So I thought I'd get something to eat at Waterloo. However, this proved to be rather difficult. The bagel stand, which was my first idea, were out of all the types of bread I can eat. Delimento, which does really good food, has started shutting ridiculously early (before 9pm, and even before 8 some days). Costa had nothing at all vegetarian for some reason (yet vast quantities of their ham, turkey and tuna sandwiches). The baguette place with a dreadful pun name doesn't do anything I like, and everything in the croissant shop involves far, far too much dairy. Also, my stomach objects to Burger King's current veggie burger. So that left me with the choice of hanging round the station hungry for another 20 minutes, or going to McDonalds. I remembered that McDonalds' veggie burger is approximately vegan, and this swung my vote.

Now, I have been leading a one-person boycott of McDonalds for the past two years. I had been bothered by them for some time - their environmental policies, globalisation, and the way they flog so-called "food" that has enormous quantities of fat but very little nutritional value - but I didn't start my boycott until the time I got horrendous food poisoning from them. After that, I swore never again. But today I was tired, hungry, and rapidly getting very bad-tempered, so I thought "fuck it" and went there anyway.

I had forgotten how bad McDonalds' food is. The chips I had were dripping with hot grease and covered in enough salt for a family of four, yet they were still not properly cooked through. And there are people who eat them every day! Along with a "meat" burger, cooked in yet more grease and covered with yet more grease in the form of "mayonnaise"! My God. Their Vegetable Deluxe is okay, ish, if you have it plain in the bun, but I'm going back to my boycott. Paying £3.50 for "food" that I couldn't even eat is not my idea of good value.

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