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dairy-free pesto that tastes like real pesto

Damnit. I know I've written a rant here about vegan so-called pesto, but still can't find it after 15 minutes of searching. (This is why I need an index to my journal). So let me just declare my profound dislike of so-called vegan "pesto" in which the only ingredient in common with real pesto is basil. Pesto should contain basil, pine nuts, olive oil & garlic, and optionally cheese. "Pesto" made from basil, cashew nuts and sunflower oil is Not Good, and "pesto" which contains apple juice is even worse.

Anyway, my order from veganstore.co.uk turned up today. As a result, my dinner tonight was pasta with dairy-free pesto that tastes like pesto and vegan fudge. Between this, and discovering on Saturday that the vegetarian restaurant in Kingston sells vegan chocolate fudge cake that tastes almost exactly like normal chocolate fudge cake, I feel somewhat less like I've had to give up eating "real" food. The more good dairy-free alternatives I find, the better I feel about my dietary restrictions - and hence, the better I feel about myself.

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