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Moaning and a poll.

Feeling horrible today. Woke up with a really bad headache, of the sort that I now get, i.e. feeling dizzy, hot and confused, with pain on and off. Ibuprofen did not sufficiently shift the pain or lower my temperature within an hour of taking it, so I rang work and went back to bed. Got up again four hours later, still with the headache, and with the added bonus of both my knees (not just my right one) feeling hot and weak, and randomly giving way as I tried to walk round the flat. Bleurgh.

So now I'm limping around, hanging onto walls and doorframes to keep my balance. My walking stick is of a height to be used with shoes, so it's not much use - I might have to get another one to use in the flat if this keeps up. Small amounts of exercise are leaving me exhausted, in pain and with this strange muscle weakness for days afterwards. I can't go shopping because I'm too tired - if I can walk as far as the shops, I can't walk round them. Yesterday, we went to Wagamama on the other side of Kingston - got off a bus from Surbiton pretty close to the restaurant, and walked back afterwards. It's about 15 minutes away, but that's enough that now, I'm really suffering. I don't know what to do - too much exercise (where "too much" is hardly any) makes me weak and exhausted, but I'm afraid that resting too much might make my muscles weak as well. Need my doctor's appointment to be tomorrow instead of in two weeks time. (See this post for why I have to wait.)

I wanted to do a poll about how much I moan :) I want people's answers to be their perceptions - in a way, it's cheating if you go through my journal and count up the number of moany to non-moany posts. Besides, I could do that myself - what I'm interested in is how much you think I moan, rather than how much I actually do! Obviously, it's not much use you taking this poll unless you're at least a semi-regular reader of my journal...

Poll #106217 Me and my moaning.

How much do you think I moan?

25% of your posts are moaning.
33% of your posts are moaning.
50% of your posts are moaning.
66% of your posts are moaning.
75% ... are moaning.
90% ... are moaning.
100%! You do nothing but moan!

Do I moan too much?

Yes, you moan all the time!
You moan a lot, but that's what livejournal's for.
Not really, I don't notice you being particularly moany.
No, you moan hardly at all!

And now I've written the word "moan" so many times that it's starting to look incorrectly spelled, so I think I'll leave this here.

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