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Moaning and a poll.

Moaning within...Collapse )

I wanted to do a poll about how much I moan :) I want people's answers to be their perceptions - in a way, it's cheating if you go through my journal and count up the number of moany to non-moany posts. Besides, I could do that myself - what I'm interested in is how much you think I moan, rather than how much I actually do! Obviously, it's not much use you taking this poll unless you're at least a semi-regular reader of my journal...

Poll #106217 Me and my moaning.

How much do you think I moan?

25% of your posts are moaning.
33% of your posts are moaning.
50% of your posts are moaning.
66% of your posts are moaning.
75% ... are moaning.
90% ... are moaning.
100%! You do nothing but moan!

Do I moan too much?

Yes, you moan all the time!
You moan a lot, but that's what livejournal's for.
Not really, I don't notice you being particularly moany.
No, you moan hardly at all!

And now I've written the word "moan" so many times that it's starting to look incorrectly spelled, so I think I'll leave this here.

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