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Too many Americanisms!

After reading Kay & John's Britpicking guide for fanfic, I am horribly aware of all the Americanisms in my speech that have crept in since I've been online. I am now going to make a conscious effort to eradicate them ;) I'm terrible for this sort of thing. When I had a Scottish boyfriend for two years, I acquired huge amounts of phrasing from him, though I've lost most of them since we split up. I pick up word patterns from people terribly easily - even word patterns I don't like! I used to know a guy who said "fair enough" all the time, and it's taken me years to get rid of it!

Anyway. English is a bastard of a language at the best of times, having acquired words from all over the place. And I'm amused, rather than offended, by the differences between American and British English (and between British and Australian, and English and Scottish, and Northern vs Southern English...). However, I prefer to speak my own language wherever possible. So I am going to try to stop borrowing other people's words unless they really are the best tools for the job. Let's see how long this lasts :)

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