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I'm having a Douglas Adams moment...

Richard brought home takeaway from the restaurant in Chinatown that we used to go to all the time. Haven't been there much since I've been working in London Bridge, but we went there a few weeks ago and were reminded how damn good the food is. So I ate my Chinese takeaway, and it was so good it was threatening to make me angry.

Actually, I was already angry. I came home from visiting my mum to write 90% of a very long rant, before running out of steam. I'll post it in a bit, but it'll be locked to a specific friends group - please don't be offended if you can't read it, it's just about some quite personal stuff. Reading other people's journals made me feel better (I thought I was going to kill adjectivemarcus for this post, but then I realised it had cheered me up immensely), and then the food helped too, and now I'm just ill, stressed and tired, but fairly perky, rather than the insanely angry that I was when I got in 2 hours ago.

Blah. I hate certain selected parts of my life. I hate the illness and the birth family parts, and I love my friendships, relationships and chosen family. I expect most people's birth family drive them nuts at times, but mine really does win an award.

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