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burning and stabbing

My spatial awareness is shot.

I was toasting some buns in the oven, and went to flip them over. Now, I use my bare hands to turn them as it's a lot easier than trying to use tongs or gloves, but am always extremely aware when I do so that the oven shelf is HOT. Tonight, I did that, and burnt my thumb on the shelf.

I thought I had just been stupid or clumsy, but then, a few minutes later, I was unpacking the dishwasher, and stabbed myself on the tines of a fork. Again, I'm always aware when I take the cutlery out that there is a risk of injuring myself in that way, and go slowly and carefully. But it seems that my hands aren't quite where my eyes think they are.

This is something I've always had to some degree. It's usually only a problem with sports that involve things coming towards me. But when I get tired, I end up injuring myself in stupid ways. So I'm going to avoid the kitchen for the rest of the night, and try to get to bed early (by my standards).

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