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another cooking disaster *sigh*

Tonight, I fancied cake. However, we had no cake, and I can't easily get out by myself to buy some. On the basis that I am getting increasingly clumsy, I figured that baking would be a Very Bad idea. So I decided to make a chocolate cornflake cake. You know, the thing you make when you're 6 or 7, by melting chocolate and adding cornflakes or rice krispies to it, then putting it in the fridge to set. With a microwave and a timer it's very easy.

So, I made the cornflake cake, and cut it into squares, all without killing myself or setting fire to the kitchen. Hooray. Then I took the left-over chocolateycornflakey crumbs into the computer room to eat. At this point, I dropped the plate. Yeah, you can guess what happened. And they needed to be swept up, because chocolate melts and sticks to stuff if you're not careful. Took me 15 minutes, and my head's killing me now.

I give up. All cooking a bad idea without supervision from now on.

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