helen-louise (baratron) wrote,

Amusing randomness from my lj friends page

  • I am hereby excused from making nonsensical poll posts due to the fact that my brain is currently 98% snot by volume.

  • LJ used to escape ampersands (& -> &) in the HTML for my embedded site. Recently, it quit doing that, so my site doesn't validate. I would like it to start escaping them again.

  • What four things do you need to do this weekend?
    1. Dishes. 2. Gym. 3. Date with [partner]. 4. Start work on the sushi sundresses.

  • I am vaguely considering committing butternut squash soup this weekend, since I have a craving for same.

  • [Partner] met me in the demilitarised border of the airport, after I had hiked approximately three miles with my luggage.

  • What's on your computer desk?
    ...a scarily large amount of used tissues (oh precious brain fluid!)

(comments from jenett, kixie, lilairen, rivka, the_siobhan & suggestions).

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