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The A to Z meme (or some of it, at least).

I don't usually bother with surveys, because I can't be bothered to waste time writing out single-line answers which probably don't actually teach people anything about me. However, this one seems to have scope for waffling, and is therefore Interesting to me :)

A - Act your age? Most of the time. One of my Great Theories is that you don't have to be mature all the time to be truly "adult". You just have to know when it is and isn't appropriate to be silly.

B - Born on what day of the week? Monday. At 10.20pm. According to my mum the sun was still up, and the temperature in the delivery room was 104 Farenheit. I'm sure she's exaggerating at least about the sun part, because I had something like 16 birthdays in Camberley, and I don't remember the sun being up much past 10pm. Camberley isn't far enough north.

C - Chore you hate? Washing up and/or ironing. Richard and I both hate washing up, and after several months of living together I realised that something like 3 out of every 4 arguments we'd had was about whose turn it was to wash up. So we got round this problem by using a dishwasher, and now merely argue about whose turn it is to unload it ;)

D - Dad's name? Winston Walter Windsor. He always wanted a personalised number plate with WWW on. Unfortunately, with the World Wide Web, all the old ones will have been snapped up, or will cost stupid amounts of money. And although you can now buy new semi-customised number plates for £80, the UK changed its numbering system before we got to "W3 WWW". So he is destined not to have one, unless he spends his own money.

E - Essential makeup item? Don't wear any. I do wear lots of lipbalm and face cream, though. And it's getting increasingly hard for me to find stuff I'm not allergic to, as for some reason companies are taking nut oils out of cosmetics and putting lanolin in instead. I can understand removing nut oils as people are allergic to them, but 40% of people are allergic to lanolin - why replace an uncommon allergen with a common one?

F - Favorite actor? Keanu Reeves. If he can be called an actor. My favourite actress is probably Judi Dench -now she can act.

G - Gold or silver? Silver, or white gold. I don't like yellow metal, especially not when next to my skin colour. Though two of the reasons I like silver are practicality - it's cheap, and it's a useful metal. Silver and its compounds are used in so many things - in photography and electronics. Gold is useful as an arthritis drug, that's about it.

H - Hometown? Camberley in Surrey, a town famous for having the M3 motorway running through it, and not a lot else. Oh yeah, it's also the hometown of 80s boy band Bros. Mmm. I now live in Kingston, which is either in Surrey or in London depending on who you ask, and is home for most values of "home".

I - Instruments you play? Used to play the piano, but not very well despite getting up to Grade 6. The cello is the only instrument I've ever had any particular ability on. I want to play the guitar, but the trouble is I want to be good enough to join a band now, and not have to spend 9 months to 2 years getting up to that standard. I can't actually be bothered to start playing knowing it'll take me that long to be any good.

J - Job title? Don't really have one (title or job!). Well, in theory I'm a part-time Telephone Interviewer and part-time student, but kind of on sick leave from everything.

K - Kids? No human children. We have teddy bear children, and they are enough trouble ;) Actually, this is quite an important point. For me to feel truly comfortable with someone, they have to accept that my toys are real people - they have to be willing to share in the make-believe with me. If someone turns round and says "Why are you waving a stuffed ewok at me and making strange meeping noises?", I know that I'll never be as close to that person as to someone else who starts meeping back.

L - Living arrangements? In a flat that belongs to my mum, but not with my mum. She lives next door. With my dad, but for how much longer remains to be seen.

M - Mom's name? Sharyn Lesley (pronounced "Shar-rin" not "Sharn"). Her maiden name was Murphy, but my grandfather was Scottish, not Irish (and if you look at great-grandparents, I can claim a whole 3/8 of me as Scottish, whereas only 2/8 English: this is why I growl at anyone who tries to tell me I'm English. I'm 3/8 Scottish, 1/4 English, 1/4 Burmese and 1/8 Sri Lankan, or "British" for short). Whichever of my mum's parents was responsible for naming their children must have been on funny drugs, because as well as her unusual name, we have Clifford, Shaun (spelt the English way), Coleen (with one l) and Terrina (which I suspect they made up). I can't remember their second names, but they're even worse.

N - Number of people you've slept with? I don't know. Not because it's a particularly large number, just because I don't know what counts. I can't actually remember how many people I've slept in the same bed as. I used to really like sleeping with friends, as a security thing not a sexual thing, and have slept with a lot of people that I haven't done anything even vaguely sexual with. I do know how many people I've done sexual things with, but I'm not sure how many of them I've had sex with because it depends on definitions, and there's always a few people I forget because say, we messed around on one occasion and he decided he definitely was gay (No, that wasn't anyone that any of you know). So, er... between five and twenty.

O - Overnight hospital stays? None, surprisingly. Although there have been several times when I probably should have been in hospital.

P - Phobia? I'm scared of wasps, ambivalent towards spiders and actively like snakes. I don't like animals with too many legs (where too many is more than 10), but I'm not scared of them, they just give me the creeps. I also don't like depths - not heights, depths. I am quite happy to stand on top of a high mountain with many tons of rock beneath me. However, rickety suspension bridges are Not My Thing. I don't consider any of these phobias, though - they're rational fears based in self-preservation.

The one completely irrational fear I have is something really bizarre. I heard once about someone who was afraid of bananas - he'd get wibbly if another kid had a banana in their lunch, and would faint if the banana was unzipped. My phobia is like that - something strange, and I don't really like talking about it because it makes me feel vulnerable and insane. I've had it since I was a very small child, but apparently never had an accident or anything that would cause it, so I can only conclude that it's left over from a past life or something. Even though I only believe in reincarnation one day out of three.

You only get A to P because it's 5.30am here now, and I told myself I was going to bed at 5 No Matter What. Finding quotes I like and explaining my religion and habits will take ages, and I'm already miles past the bedtime I set, so :P I'll post 'em tomorrow.

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