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bleh and blah

Been in a very blah mood for the past day-and-a-half. Can't be bothered to do anything. Forced myself out of bed today to see Tim & Peter (which was fun), but now I'm back at home again going blah at everything. Anyone have some spare motivation - I seem to have lost mine?

Want to go on a nice long journey somewhere but I don't know where. It's a bugger not being able to walk. I mean, I normally can't walk an enormous amount, but I can at least get up and go somewhere by myself, without being dependent on other people to get me there and take me round. I think I'm suffering from a lack of sunlight.

(Notes for clarity: blah, bleh, bleurgh, blurgh and blergh all mean much the same thing in my lexicon - onomatopoeic noises of lethargy or lack of motivation. Can't be arsed means the same as can't be bothered, only more so.)

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