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boring arty film and fun wheelchair-trolley!

Alexa and Rowan are here. They had major car problems coming over and were very stressed, but we did actually get to the NFT in plenty of time for the film we were going to see. (This was a truly noteworthy occurrence, as it involved herding bisexuals - two of them women!). It was Eden's Curve, a bi-ish poly-ish film which could have been good if not for the tedious arty style. It was so tedious that for 20 minutes at the end, we were sitting through blurred film that gave me motion sickness, just waiting for one or both of the disgraced lovers to commit suicide. I don't think it's a good thing to be sitting in the cinema thinking "oh for God's sake just kill yourself so we can go home" :/

Anyway, after that we went to Tesco's, where they have cool funky electric wheelchair-trolley things. Basically, they're like the electric scooters or buggies that some disabled people (particularly elderly) use to go round the shops, with a large basket mounted on the front. Only these ones are free for anyone who needs them, really easy to drive, and have a tiny turning circle. It was really quite enjoyable to be able to propel myself around without feeling dizzy or tired, being able to go where I wanted to go without having to give directions to someone else all the time. But I have a worrying feeling that driving this wheelchair-trolley round Tesco is going to be the highlight of my week :/
Tags: disability, hyperventilation

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