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"It's like I've built my own steam engine..."

We have connected my mum's old Windows 3.1 machine to the slightly newer one we've been putting together for her, and files are transferring. Richard got ever so excited. He said "It's like I've built my own steam engine and it's chuffing and chundling along".

The old machine is an Archimedes A440/1 with a PC card in, with the really quite powerful 10 years ago spec 486 processor running at 25 MHz, clock-doubled to 50 MHz. The newer one is a Pentium (1) running at 166 MHz, but that's still powerful enough for her to browse the web and read email. Richard's new mobile phone has an ARM processor running at 100 MHz, and he can play "Doom" on it. I feel old.
Tags: dangerously nerdy, wuzzie

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