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The application of statistics to my life.

Livejournal is being evil to me. status.livejournal.com says it's having issues, but I still feel picked on. I'm one of these people for whom Murphy and/or Sod's Law always seems to apply. The rational part of my mind knows that it's an illusion, but the emotional part is unconvinced by logic and mathematics. I always have cynicism and optimism doing battle in my brain.

Likewise, I can only get halfway through the classic 400 question purity test</a> that everyone's been doing recently before my computer and/or browser give up. I could resort to printing it out and doing it by hand, like we did in The Olden Days (Surfers Essex meet 1995, for those who remember), but I am insufficiently bored to do so at the moment. I notice reading it now how utterly biased it is in its assumption that bisexual polyamorous perverts are inherently more "impure" than monosexual monogamous people, and remember when I was 19 thinking that someone who'd scored 40% on it was the height of cool. Ahem.

Sod's Law is applying most of all on eBay. Completely independently, two copies of a game I have been wanting for a looooong time (years) have turned up there in the same week - at a time when I have no spare money at all (and am having to borrow to pay my bills), and when it's still a few months to my birthday! This game is pretty damned rare - I've tried all my usual sources without success, and it has come up on eBay maybe three times in all the time I've been looking. Grrr. To add extra annoyance, both vendors are people I've bought from before - one of them sells things at a reasonable price, and the other one sells at ridiculously inflated price. Guess which auction ends first? Grrrrrr.

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