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the bells, the bells

Oh, for God's sake. We are being kept awake by an alarm on a nearby factory that's been going off for the past 3 hours. The police won't come because there's no signs of a break in and it's Metropolitan Police policy to only go to suspicious scenes, and the council won't come because they only have noise pollution people on a Saturday night. How stupid is that? The alarm box doesn't have a phone number on it ("if this alarm goes off please ring..."), and no one official wants to take responsibility for it. So we just have to be kept awake.

I really need to go to bed, too. I am overtired and very irritable. There isn't anything I can do to block out the noise, because earplugs and the like make me panicky. The noise has actually got worse over the past few hours, because the battery has started to die and now the sound is uneven, which is far more annoying to me than a steady "whoop whoop". It's been making this noise for the past hour, though.

This is fucking ridiculous. I want to go to sleep. How long does it take for a fucking alarm battery to die?

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