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The weather in this country...

I really don't understand this country's climate, and this is despite having studied a fair amount of basic meterology during my degree. On Thursday and Friday, it was glorious - sunshine, a light warm wind, a bit humid, but lovely - temperatures in the low 20s and summery. Overnight, the weather turned, and today it is lousy - grey, very very grey, and wintery. It would be merely cool (temperature around 12 degrees C, I suppose) without wind, but there is a terrible wind chill factor - it's like the wind has teeth of ice. Brrr.

We were going to go down to stay with Richard's dad, to spend some time down at the seaside, sitting on the beach and in the garden of his new house, doing not very much. Now, we are just going down to see relatives, and nothing else - I want to stay as far from the sea as possible. Of course the weather's crap - it's a British Bank Holiday weekend, which pretty much guarantees lousy weather. (There was someone in my research group studying this phenomenon.) But there really aren't many places in the world that experiences such changeable weather whilst having overall a comparatively mild climate - it's pretty much unique to this country, based on its position in the General Circulation. Which is why British people are always talking about the weather. And why we always overpack when we go on holiday - we're in the habit of taking summer and winter clothes wherever we go, even to the Mediterranean. You have to be prepared ;)

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