helen-louise (baratron) wrote,

More surreality.

If yesterday's wasn't enough, I had more surreality today. The day started off fairly normally - Richard and I went to Tesco's in New Malden to buy food, and then stopped off at the various electrical superstores near there to look at televisions. We ended up buying a 28" widescreen TV which Richard liked. It will be arriving on Wednesday, so I'll have to stay in all day then and wait for it. I hope the person delivering it is strong enough to carry it up the stairs to our flat, as I'm certainly not.

Then Tim and Peter came round for dinner, bringing my birthday present with them. It was the board game Cranium. This is a truly bizarre game, and I'm not sure how to describe it. Various rounds involve such things as drawing a picture with your eyes closed, charades, modelling an object out of clay, answering a true-or-false question and anagram puzzles. Basically, there's something there for all kinds of people - and as you play it in teams, it's quite easy to match the task to the right person. However, trying to make a model of beans on toast out of clay before the timer runs out is a rather taxing problem no matter how good your artistic ability!

My throat is still sore, my nose is still blocked up, and I have an annoying earache. I missed going to see fireworks last night with Cath and Marcus because of the earache, though apparently it's just as well that I didn't go because it was very loud and smoky, and I don't like loud bangs. Instead, I watched rubbish on television, including the film Bob and Carol and Ted and Alice, as mentioned in the alt.polyamory Culture FAQ. It really was a very strange film, and I didn't understand the ending at all. I'll probably comment about that more in uk.people.polyamorous, when I get a chance to read news again.

Edited: Wednesday, June 27th 2001, 1.35am.
Here's a link to the thread I started about "Bob and Carol and Ted and Alice" in uk.people.polyamorous.

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