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laundry and procrastination

Today, I am mostly doing laundry. The third load is in at the moment. I'm a bit surprised by the amount we have, but it's sheets - for allergy reasons, I sleep with many extra layers between myself and the mattress, and with pillows double-bagged. (This despite having a latex mattress and pillows, which are not supposed to harbour dust mite). And absolutely everything needs doing, even the duvet cover, because I had snot attacks all over my bedding as a result of my cold. What fun!

I have about a million emails that need answering, but I'm procrastinating for the moment by livejournalling - as so many of us do. Can't face doing real work just yet - my brain is fried by the remnants of my cold and by hyperventilation. Because my nose has been full of ick for the past few days, I've been chronically hyperventilating - rather than simply breathing a bit too often through my nose, I've been gasping for breath through my mouth and with my accessory muscles (I can show you where they are, but am not sure how to describe them) working overtime. As a result, I have just about all the distressing physical symptoms back, including very tight muscles in my legs, pins and needles in my hands and face, and brain fog. If I still wasn't convinced that hyperventilation is a lot of, if not all The Problem, this would be the final proof. So I feel kind of rotten, but I know that as soon as my cold clears out and I can resume the diaphragmatic breathing exercises again, I'll be back on the road to recovery. It's just bloody annoying waiting for the cold to go.

Had a good appointment with the doctor today. I told him that I was going to shout at him for telling me I didn't need physiotherapy, but wouldn't because I had a cold, and it turned out he didn't realise that physiotherapists who specialise in hyperventilation exist. I do like it when seeing the doctor is a two-way flow of information - when I can pass on things that might help other patients, who aren't net-connected or savvy. I told him about my psychiatrist woes, and he agreed with me that she's fucking useless. And I finally managed to get some IBS medicine out of him! It's Colpermin, which is basically just peppermint oil in a capsule, but it's fairly gentle and may well help. If it doesn't, there is something else I can try. I explained that although there were several over-the-counter IBS treatments, including peppermint oil, I was pretty sure that due to one drug or another (couldn't remember which one) I wasn't supposed to use indigestion remedies or decongestants, and I'm at the stage now of having so many things on prescription that it's just too complicated for a busy pharmacist to check whether something is safe for me or not. So it's much easier to ask the doctor for advice when it's something for myself (and then go home and check with rxlist and netdoctor just to make sure).

I got the cream which actually helps with my "interesting" arm rash, too. Giving up on allergy pills, as they didn't seem to work, and... I've forgotten what else I was going to say as my mum came over and rambled at me. Going to eat something now, then procrastinate some more. If I run out of things to do, there's always my A-Z survey to finish off...

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