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In a very blah mood. All I seem to have done this weekend is sleep, and as it was a three-day weekend (today's a bank holiday), I feel even more frustrated. Got things I want to write about, but not enough coherence to articulate them. *sigh*

Some of the problem could be that my lungs are full of crap. Went to see the Wildhearts on Friday and the venue was smoky, as rock concerts seem to be... By the standards of rock concerts, it wasn't very smoky at all, but I react now even to tiny amounts of smoke. And there were three kinds of smoke - cigarette smoke (which I'm allergic to), smoke machine smoke (which I'm really allergic to) and pot smoke (which I'm violently allergic to). So I spent the whole gig coughing, wheezing, blowing my nose and inhaling Olbas oil in an attempt to breathe. This is why I don't often go out to clubs or to see bands anymore - I really want to go, but I end up non-functional for three or four days afterwards. There's no way I could do it every weekend now.

Actually... I am seriously contemplating getting one of those £60 masks with multiple filters, that workmen use to protect themselves against toxic chemicals. I haven't ever looked into this possibility before, so I don't really know what's available - I just got the £60 figure from a recent newspaper article about SARS (!). Some sort of ultra-heavy-duty thing would be ideal. Problem is, you can't eat or drink while wearing a mask, no one would be able to lip-read me (kinda essential in most loud venues), and I'd look bloody silly. Even then, I'm contemplating it, because I'm sick of not being able to go out. The only other option I can think of is to take 4 x as much of the preventative asthma drug I'm on, but I really don't want to do that when the only reason for doing so would be to make my lungs better able to cope with smoke - and moreover, it wouldn't even help with the other allergic responses I have. I tried an antihistamine recently, and it seemed to have no effect whatsoever apart from making me feel giddy, so... I could try different allergy medicines until the cows come home, but between the number of allergies I have these days and the cocktail of drugs I'm on for other reasons, I'm extremely wary of taking anything that hasn't been triple-cross-checked for safety. Besides, I'm fundamentally opposed to taking yet another drug when a barrier method makes a lot more sense.

In practice though, do I actually want to go out wearing an enormous face mask? I could do with finding a really good allergy forum with lots of younger posters so I could see what other people's solutions are. I think in most of my current forums, everyone's just using the solution of "not going out". Which is the thing I'm trying to avoid...

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