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what a disgusting day

I feel like crap on a stick. Today was supposed to be my first day back at work after 6 weeks or so off. However, when I got up to go to work, I was promptly violently sick.

I woke up only 2 hours after I fell asleep with a really bad pain which made me panicky. After about half an hour of not being sure, I worked out it was my stomach that was hurting, took painkillers, and eventually managed to relax some tight muscles enough to ease the pain enough for me to go back to sleep. Sort of. Slept fitfully until the time I'd intended to get up, got up, felt really nauseous, lay down again, called out to my mum who'd come over to prod me into consciousness that I needed a bucket, and puked absolutely fucking everywhere. We are talking serious puking here - everything I'd eaten in the past 18 hours, completely undigested, with the tablets I'd taken coming out intact, even. And I only made it to the bathroom on the third attempt.

Dear God. So my mother was shouting at me for not getting to the bathroom any quicker, and I was pointing out that it wasn't like I could help it (like I said, it was violent), and I tried to clear it up myself but I'm squeamish as hell and being near it was making me feel like I was going to puke again. So I dozed on the sofa, shivering and wrapped in spare bedding, and eventually went back to bed.

Now I've been up for an hour, drunk some water and eaten something small, and I have that pain in my stomach again - not as bad as before, but then it's not as full as it was before. And I'm thinking "oh my God, what if there's some sort of blockage somewhere that's stopping my food from going down?" and other such delightful thoughts of the terminally squeamish, and I just have to see how it goes - call a doctor if it looks like it's not getting better. And this isn't anything like my normal reaction to bad food - normally, if I eat something dodgy, I throw up and feel better almost immediately, because I've got rid of whatever it was that was making me ill, but I still feel horrendous now. So, eurgh. I should go and have a bath in a bit, and wash all the yuck out of my hair - all I managed to do earlier was wipe it with a baby wipe before collapsing in a heap.

Oh, and several things which were on the floor in my bedroom were so covered in puke that they had to be thrown away. Luckily, I've only lost one book, and it's easy enough to replace, but... eurgh. I'm so glad I moved the pile of thesis work that had been by the bed onto the new bookcase, otherwise I'd be having an even more fun evening than I am.

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