helen-louise (baratron) wrote,

Stuff I found interesting in other people's LJs ...

Pretty much every day I find interesting stuff in other people's LJs, but a lot of it is too personal on the part of the poster for me to point random people at. These links aren't, so I have no shame in sharing them with you.

aegidian's pictures of Tower Bridge. One of the many buildings that makes me glad to live in London.

fj's testing of new phone. Drool. Want. (I hadn't been going to replace my 8310 anytime soon, being very much in love with it and stunningly underimpressed with Richard's 7650, but I might just have to get an N-Gage when it comes out. Edge reckons it's crap as a games console, but I trust FJ!!'s hands-on report more than I trust Edge's "seen a video at a conference" one.)

vampwillow posts what those corporate disclaimers at the end of emails _should_ say. Not original, but I hadn't seen it before :P

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