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Octopi in The Sims

Following my previous discovery of an octopus stage prop in the new Sims expansion pack, I have discovered something even better for lovers of leggy beasts...


Just imagine this was posted with my as yet non-existent 15th userpic, which somehow has to cover both octopus and Sims... hey, I know how to do that!

Eeek, more pics at Gamespot! I need my thesis to be done so I can buy this! *looks frantically at work* Well, I suppose any incentive to get it done is good...

I am not so sure whether to be excited by the news that there is going to be The Sims 2... probably all our existing downloads will be obsolete... We've known there was going to be a Sims 2 for a few months now, since someone saw the ad wanting Maya artists in an industry paper, but this is the first official notice for the fans. Well, I'll reserve judgement until I see it. I'll have to buy a new computer before I'll be able to play it in any case, so it's just as well it's (at least) a year away.

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