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mmm, pretzel

Mmm, I keep thinking about that pretzel. It was one of the fresh pretzels, displayed on a wooden stand that looks like a mug tree, that some of the coffee shops here have been doing for the past few years. I'd never looked at them before particularly, but today I was hungry and didn't have time for lunch, and the train was late, so I thought I'd look in the coffee shop to see what they had. Apart from various things I thought were nice but would be bad for my digestive system (Spinach and ricotta pastie! A combination of a sulphurous vegetable and a high-lactose cheese - two delightful triggers for my IBS!) they had sweet and savoury pretzels - the savoury ones were salty, and the sweet ones had sugar and cinnamon on the outside. I already had a bag of ready salted crisps (the only ones I can eat, as all crisp flavourings use lactose as the base, except for special vegan or non-allergen crisps which also cost 3 x as much as normal ones) so didn't want a salty one, so I bought the cinnamon one just because it was there and looked nice.

Now, until today, I was sure I didn't like cinnamon. I bought the pretzel basically out of hunger and desperation - believe me, between avoiding one major food group because of preference (meat), another because of allergy/intolerance (dairy), and having bad reactions to a lot of vegan foods (too much fibre), trying to find suitable food whilst on the move is not easy. (Usually, I take several foodstuffs with me when I go to work, and then stop somewhere to buy something I know from experience is okay. But today I was running late through... altruistic wouldn't be the right word, because I was helping my girlfriend deal with some paperwork out of general partner-yness rather than niceness. But it wasn't my own fault, anyway.) It transpires that somehow, over the past few years, I have started to like cinnamon after all. Because that pretzel was the most delicious, interesting, new thing I've had in ages! Since I ate it, I've been tasting it again and again in my memories. I hope they have some more tomorrow.

I do wonder when I started to like cinnamon, though. I know I've liked speculoos biscuits for ages, and they are always described in English as "cinnamon-and-ginger biscuits", if you can find a description in English. (They're usually only labelled in Dutch and French). Was it liking speculoos that made me start liking cinnamon? Because I still don't like it in other things. Or do I? I want to go and try a cinnamon doughnut now to find out - but the vast majority of doughnuts are extremely full of dairy, so that would be a bad idea. I want to try a vegan cinnamon doughnut!

And I want to make a cake, but I have made chocolate brownies so many times recently that I'm temporarily sick of them, we don't have enough bananas to make another banana cake, and we don't have enough eggs to make a bakewell tart. Hrm. There must be a cake recipe that uses only 2 eggs and no bananas, but the only one I can think of is some sort of fairy cake-type-thing, which isn't interesting enough for me to want to make it. Also, I think anything chocolate would get vetoed under the aforementioned "temporarily sick of" banner. Hmmm.

We don't have any cinnamon in the house because I thought I didn't like it, so trying to make cinnamon pretzels myself is out of the question, unfortunately.

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