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Of pizza flyers and Indian.

We are plagued by pizza flyers. Pretty much every day, including Sunday, we open our letterbox to find flyers for one pizza delivery place or another - we get at least 5 a week. It's really quite annoying, because if we fancy a greasy American-style pizza, there's Tops Pizza just round the corner, who do nice pizzas with special offers on collection. For some reason, we get flyers through our door advertising pizza places not only in the town we live, but in the suburbs on either side, the towns beyond them and sometimes even further - one company in particular seems to think we might want to buy pizza from them even though they're a good 20 minutes away on one of those little mopeds. Pizza that will be fresh and hot when it gets here, or pizza that's gone soggy through sitting in a bag for 20 minutes - what a decision! However, there's something of a shortage of food places that will deliver something other than pizza here.

Thus, when a new Indian delivery service put its flyers through the doors here two weeks ago, they were inundated with custom. They deliver in 35 minutes, take cards over the phone and their food is really good. Sounds like they've found a niche in the market. I'm not very in tune with my Asian ancestry, but something makes sense when I look at an Indian menu. Naan bread, chapatis, puris, parathas and poppadoms - to say nothing of rice or dosas. What other cuisine embraces four or five types of carbohydrate in one meal?

I'm frazzled from baking (making cake is fun, but it's hard to bake a cake without baking yourself in the process) and can't be bothered to cook dinner as well, so we put an order in. In less than the time it took me to write this LJ entry, a delicious meal has arrived. So I'm going to go and eat it.

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