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It's funny what you think about when you're grieving. Richard's sister called today to explain that the funeral won't be until Friday at the earliest. Because Richard's mum died in Belgium but wanted to be buried in England, there's huge amounts of red tape to wade through. Richard's dad and sister are coming back on Wednesday or Thursday. We're not sure how his mum is getting back. Presumably not in the boot of his dad's Volvo, but you never know...

Then I was wondering if it would be terribly inconsiderate to ask Richard's dad and sister to bring some things back from Belgium with them. Richard and I are addicted to a chocolate milk drink called Cecemel in Belgium and Chocomel in the Netherlands and Germany. It's really hard to get here. So Richard's parents would always bring some back with them when they came to the UK, and whenever Richard or any of our friends go to one of the countries which sell it (such as Tim and Peter, who go to the Netherlands a lot as Peter is Dutch), they have to bring some back for us. I was wondering if it would be terribly inconsiderate or inappropriate to ask for some Cecemel. On one hand, it might distract Richard's dad for a few minutes to have to go shopping, or it might make him smile with fond memories of his wife buying it for us in the past, but on the other hand it might make him angry that we could make such a trivial request at a difficult time. I really don't know.

Richard is doing better today. We're both subject to random fits of tearfulness, but we slept quite well last night, which helped. Yesterday was fun, too. Peter drove us down to Bournemouth, where we visited the Compton Acres gardens. The gardens are beautiful, and it was comforting to us to walk around there in the sunshine with our thoughts. Then we went to the beach. Richard wandered off to be alone for a while, and Tim and Peter made an attempt at sunbathing. I buried Peter's feet in the sand, and built a sand sculpture of an ankh. Tim said it looked more like an octopus with only three legs. I tried to throw sand over Tim, but Peter objected on the basis that his car would then get full of sand. By this time Richard had come back, and he made an octopus in the sand using the bottom of the bucket (it's a castle-shaped bucket, with four turrets) to make suckers. Then we found a pub by the beach, had dinner and came home.

I got up late today and have spent the afternoon writing stuff about polyamory in other people's livejournals. We're going to take the Playstation round to Marcus's tonight to play games on his big TV. Cath has gone to Scotland to be with her family, so Marcus is on his own. He's promised to make us a roast dinner (I have to take along some vegetarian meat-replacement for me), so that could be interesting...

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