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party time.

I had my birthday party last night. It was great fun. A bunch of us met at Noodle Express at New Malden and proceeded to spend an obscenely large amount of money eating a lot of nice food. Pictures of the event can be found here. I haven't put any comments on the photos because most of them are self-explanatory (the one of Bob devouring a chicken is just scary). I could label them so you know who people are, but that would be far too much like effort :) Besides, I think I introduced all of the livejournal people to each other already.

The surprise present of the night was the rather large triceratops that Eddy gave me. I'm not quite sure why he thought I needed a triceratops, but my life is now complete :) He suggested I call it Horny Bill, various other unhelpful people led by Marcus suggested I call it Triceratops (or Triceratops One), but Will suggested Treacle, which is a much better name and will probably stick.

I realised somewhat to my astonishment that today marks the sixth anniversary of the day I met Michael (we met in real life when he came to my 19th birthday party, having previously been a friend from Nanvaent). That's weird in itself, but also because it indicates just how long I've known some of my other friends. I'll have to ponder more about that when I have time.

Some people followed us home, and we played Cranium again. This time, I drew the rather surreal question:
"In Dutch-speaking countries, instead of snap crackle pop Rice Crispies go:"
a. snarp reek paup
b. creek crawk crouk
c. snip snap snop
d. pif paf pof

Please post your answers in my livejournal, and I'll announce the winner tomorrow. This competition is not open to anyone who has a clue (ie. not Peter, Richard, or anyone else who was brought up in a Dutch-speaking country). Tim in particular should have a go, as knowing what noise Rice Crispies make is obviously a vital part of everyone's linguistic education.

Edited: Wednesday, June 27th 2001, 1.28am
Actually, it was my 20th birthday party when I met Michael - June 1996. It was at the end of my second year at university. I actually have photos of that party, but I can't remember if they are scanned in or not.

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