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about cleaning and quizzes

I have been cleaning the flat. It's been bothering me for a while, and with Richard away, I thought I'd go for it. So far I've spent 4 hours, and I've sorted out 2 bags of rubbish, 1 bag of charity shop donations and 3 bags of recycling, plus the other recycling that's been building up in the kitchen. I reckon I'll have another bag of stuff for the charity shop and at least one more bag of recycling before I'm done. But my body is too tired to continue tonight. It's really annoying - I'm quite awake, but my body is fatigued and telling me "No more!". Gah. I suppose I have to remember that 6 weeks ago I couldn't walk, so by those standards what I've done tonight is amazing: but I hate going to bed with everything still in piles, not quite sorted yet.

Earlier meeping and gerwinium came round for games & dinner - Peter cooked the main course and the dessert was something I'd made. We played Frequency and the new Zelda game which they'd rented for their GayCube, and I used my New Long Ethernet Cable to connect to irc from the front room, from whence I took part in The Sims Resource Quiz. It was a special thing to celebrate TSR reaching 50000 downloads (iirc), and there were prizes. Annoyingly, I was actually in the lead at one point, then my browser crashed, and I had to re-enter my answers for the last section in something of a hurry, and I think I got some confused. Oh well. I wouldn't have won in any case, because there were too many questions I'd had to guess, but I came 5th or 6th (can't remember now), and I could have come 3rd. Grrr..

This livejournal entry was about 100 times more interesting before I typed it in. Never mind.

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