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more cleaning, and Teeth

I underestimated. Another 4 hours of tidying, and a total of 4 bags of rubbish, 2 bags of charity shop donations and 7... no, 8 bags of recycling. Plus some cardboard boxes that went out whole. And there's still a large pile of cardboard boxes in the corner of our front room! It seems a colossal amount of effort for a change that only I will notice, but I feel significantly less irritable, which has to be the main point of it really.

Yesterday I was going to post a long moan about Richard, but I couldn't be bothered. 99% of the time I'm really pleased to have him around - it's just that he's messy and forgetful, and yesterday he managed to forget two important things despite me reminding him. That combined with the state of the front room and my hormones made me a seething mass of teeth for a while. I still think he owns far more power tools than one man could possibly need, and am annoyed by paintball equipment being strewn all over the flat, but I've put everything in one place now, so he can see how much there is. And cleared a space in the cupboard, so there is somewhere for it to go. If the paintball stuff he used this weekend is still everywhere on Tuesday when I go to bed, teeth and growling will occur again, but at least he's had a warning.

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