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Oh sir? It's only waffer thiiin?

Today was a bad day for cake. There were no iced buns at the bakery. There were no pretzels anywhere.

So I came home and researched how to make pretzels, and after some confusion involving "recipes" that started with pretzels (Take crunchy comestibles. Dip them in chocolate. Err... did I need instructions for that?) and a complete lack of cinnamon, pretzels have been achieved. They were good. "Were" being the operative word.

No, actually, there's still five left - two savoury and three sweet - but I really shouldn't have eaten that last one on top of a muffin (also freshly-baked) and dinner. I am now full to bursting, and if anyone offers me a wafer thin mint, I'm likely to explode. I feel horrible, and it's my own fault. Bleurgh.

Huh - why is that mood icon grinning? It's supposed to be saying "Look - I couldn't eat another thing. I'm absolutely stuffed. Bugger off."!

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