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quick LJ update

It's the early hours of Wednesday morning, and I still haven't sunk back into depression after talking to Ralf on Friday. Haven't got any work done either, but that's been at least in part due to the earache from this damned cold-thing. When I woke up today my ears had stopped hurting, but as the day's gone on the pain's returned. I don't usually get earache (this is the first time I've had it since I had glandular fever 3 1/2 years ago), and so I have no coping strategies for it. Ugh.

I suppose I should be pleased that earache is the worst of my problems at the moment :)

No interesting news to report. I've spent the night going through all of my friends' LiveJournals to mark posts as memories. This didn't take as long as it might have done because most of my friends here started posting after I did - however, some journals go back months and months. In those cases, I've only looked at entries made since I started posting, so far - I'll look at the rest later, when I have more time.

Here's my memories page. Why not take a look?

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