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links of the week

arranged in decreasing levels of seriousness... btw, you get today's post all in lower-case because the tendon/ligament attaching my left thumb to my hand is being evil as it does sometimes.

from katyha, Caring for Your Introvert. this is really interesting, as i am partnered to two introverts, and i myself am emphatically not one when healthy: i'm painfully shy and socially anxious, but gain huge amounts of energy from being around people i know. i need hardly any alone time and need huge amounts of time spent with other people - i start to go a bit crazy if i'm alone for more than a few hours at a time. if there's such a thing as a shy extrovert, that's what i am.

from mactavish, The Problem With T.A.T.U. and associated discussion. kind of sums up my thoughts, only with more reasoning.

from j00j and the "aieeee!" school of disturbing japanese websites, Nippon Meat Packers Inc. provides hot dog art. meep.

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