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Kabalarians (may contain traces of new age).

Am having an existential five minutes due to searching through my journal for an old post and finding things written in January 2002 that I remember as though they were January 2003. Is my life really that boring?

I seem to be able to use my left hand to type now as long as I don't actually move my thumb at all. I hate being prone to random tendon crapness (I'm pretty sure now that I remember my doctor saying it was tendons that were at fault rather than ligaments, though I'm still not sure what the difference between a tendon and a ligament is).

In trying to find the correct number and position of accents in a name (Renée, for those who are profoundly nosy), I have ended up at the Kabalarian site again. I am still completely amazed by the analyses of the various names Helen, Louise and Helen-Louise. I'll refer you to the previous discussion about Barnum statements and so on, so no one needs to make that point again.

It's just really interesting to see the differences between the three names - that Helen is seen as too forceful and analytical, whereas Louise is seen as too emotional, and Helen-Louise is sort of a balance between the two. I know I'd be rather disappointed if I called myself Helen and went to the site, because it pretty much says "this is a completely shit name to have", and likewise if I called myself Louise, their analysis implies a person much more feminine and... flaky? than I'd ever be. Whereas what they say about Helen-Louise is "You are a forceful person who is also emotional", which is... eh, right on the money. I mean, I don't like to admit to being bossy, but when I ask my friends if I am, they say "er..." and look nervous, which is an answer in itself.

I also find it interesting to look at their analyses of the names Astra and alice, which are nicknames/net handles I used for a long time. What they say about Astra is very much the person I was when I was a teenager, and not very much like who I am now - which is interesting in itself because I've essentially stopped using the name, except as my login name on the network at home. And what is said about alice is true of me when I was a bit older. The odd thing is the difference in self-confidence with the various names - when I became alice, I was desperately lacking in self-confidence and wanted to find some. I still feel far more confident in places where I have been known as alice as in the past, than places I have gone into as myself first. I'm amused by the way that Astra, alice and Louise all say "You're not very good at finishing things, are you?", which is just so very true.

As before, I've been busy entering the names of friends and acquaintances. And I notice that all the analyses are either spot on or nowhere near the mark (I've been ignoring everything they say about possible health conditions caused by the name, because those statements really are too vague to mean anything). I suppose this is probably a common trait of Barnum statements, which is why people who believe in horoscopes find meaning in theirs while people who don't find nothing of use, but... eh, it's just odd to be finding uncanny truths in something I am utterly sceptical about. I'm honestly thinking about spending the US $39 for a full report when I have money again, and giving them all the information about my legal name, use name and nicknames, and see if what comes is in any way relevant to my life. 'Cos when I have money, US $39 isn't very much, and if it turns out to be a complete load of bollocks, at least it'll give everyone a good laugh.

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