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Sometimes I hate being a woman.

A lot of the trivial things I was going to write today have been overshadowed by bad news from various friends. I don't feel right posting chatty crap about my life when people I like are in pain *sigh*. But, eh, I'm not sure I can do anything to help, and maybe my chatty crap will help them feel better for 5 minutes? :X

I was going to post a list of things I hate about menstruation, but as I hate everything about it and like nothing about it, I'm not sure there's much point. Plus it would scare all the gay men who read my journal (the straight or bi ones at least have probably had girlfriends bleeding at them). I will say that the thing that's annoying me most this time round is needing to pee all the time! I normally pee a lot because I drink a large quantity of water, especially in summer, but going every half an hour is just ridiculous. There's nothing wrong, this is normal for the first day of my period. It's bloody annoying though. Look, a pun *sarcastic laugh*.

Also, I am irritable and my skin itches all over like someone's been sandpapering it. Unsurprisingly my concentration span is only slightly better than a goldfish's. And I'm trying to get degree work done whilst scatty and distracted. Blah. And now I need to pee again. I think I'll just install a funnel and hosepipe...

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