helen-louise (baratron) wrote,

Adventure game rhythm action boss!

Lately, I have been mostly playing adventure games. My partners and I completed Jak & Daxter, and we're now halfway through Ratchet & Clank, Fur Fighters and Sly Raccoon - yes, all at the same time! My approach to adventure games is the complete opposite of my approach to rhythm action. With adventures, I like to prolong the game for as long as possible - complete a level or section, then stop and not play it again for a few days. Rushing through the game spoils it, because once you know how to solve a puzzle, you can't forget it and play the level again (at least, I can't). With rhythm action, I like to rush through the game as quickly as possible to unlock all the songs, then go back and play them at my leisure, playing the songs I like over and over again while ignoring the ones that aren't particularly enjoyable.

The one problem that adventure games have, from my perspective, is "bosses" - difficult monsters that need to be defeated at the end of a set of levels before you can move on to the next set. I hate bosses. I'm not good at things that require accurate timing - oh, you may laugh, with my love of rhythm action, but pressing buttons in time to the music is a helluva lot easier than running into an area, hitting the right part of a monster with the right weapon and running out again before he turns round. I, frankly, suck at bosses, and I usually get Richard to deal with them.

But I was delighted to find at the end of the third level of Sly Raccoon none other than a rhythm action boss! A monster who needed to be defeated by you repeating her moves in time with the music. Bonus! Having just spent an entire week playing Space Channel 5 Part 2 to write the English language FAQ of it at GameFAQs, I was perfectly prepared to tackle Ms Ruby the Voodoo Queen. She remains the only boss in my entire history of playing video games that I have ever defeated in my second attempt. Yes!

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