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links of the week

On the basis that I've had these in my browser for far too long without getting round to posting them...

papersky explains what happens when the letters on your keyboard get rubbed off with age. Funny, silly, inspiring.

baxil explains his friends list policy, which is almost identical to mine. I'm too busy to write mine out in detail, but it basically is "I put people on my livejournal friends list because I trust them to read my friends-filtered posts. Whether or not they have a journal interesting to me is irrelevant." I'm mentioning it because of this thread, where it seems as though people think it's rude to have someone on your list and not read their journal.

katyha writes a disturbing short story. It's very well-written, and twisted, but most of her stories are. (I still remember the one about pulling wings off fairies).

I need more memory for this computer. Running Kaleidagraph and Exceed and Opera absolutely pushes it to its limits. I've gone from having to reboot Windows every 2 or 3 days to having to reboot at least twice a day. I need Exceed and a web browser for work purposes, even, so it's not that I can easily close down frivolous applications to have more space.

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