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I have no concentration today and lots of physical pain - wrists, legs, weird side/hip thing that's new as of a few weeks ago. Randomly too hot and cold, bit of a runny nose, bit of a sore throat, stomach really messed up, bubbly and evil. Bloody hell. It looks like I'm going down with a cold, and I don't have time to go down with a cold now.

It's really damned annoying having major IBS flareups as an indicator of approaching virus, because just about all the immune boosting vitamins and herbs do dire things to a gut already IBSing. I have esterified and slow-release vitamins which are less acidic than the usual sort, but echinacea, garlic, onions, ginseng and big glasses of orange juice are out of the question. I need to learn to do what Granny Weatherwax does in one of the Discworld books, and put off being ill until I have time to. Goddamnitalltoheck.

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