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dozens of tiny corpses

I was unfeasibly stressed earlier today so I posted something in my deadjournal (!). This seems to have helped, as I am now only stressed about my thesis rather than about other people's stupidity.

I am getting annoyed with small insects committing suicide around my work area. They keep either flying into the lightbulb and frying themselves, or falling into my water glass and drowning. I'm the sort of person who's vegetarian at least in part because I respect all life as sacred, and it's mildly upsetting to have to fish 4 or 5 little corpses out of my water every hour or so. The really upsetting thing is when one of them is still half-alive but too mangled to survive for very long. Yes, I know a small insect has the cognitive power and self-awareness of... oh, I can't think of an example, let's just say "not very much", but it's the principle that counts. If I was a polytheist I'd try to find a god of small insects to pray to each time, but I'm not.

I keep forgetting to wash my octopus. This is not a euphemism. I have a cuddly octopus in my bed at night, and after 16 months of nightly bed duty he's looking a bit grubby, and I need to pop him in a pillowcase and then in the washing machine. The problem is, for him to be washed and dry for bedtime, I need to start the washing as soon as I get up. And I keep forgetting. I have plenty of other animals here who could do the job for a night or two, but they're all different shaped, and I won't be able to sleep as well with someone else. And I need to get quality sleep so I'm awake enough to do brain work when I get up.

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