helen-louise (baratron) wrote,

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paranoid, worried, stressed

I'm feeling a bit paranoid that no one's actually reading my journal. Posted a few things recently (particularly to my Thesis subgroup) that I wanted comments on, and none have been forthcoming. So I'm worried that no one actually likes me but you're all too nice to say so.

In other news I desperately need a statistician, so if you know one, please point them in my direction. Failing that, a physicist who's done a lot of work on self-similarity who's familiar with the Hurst exponent, rescaled range analysis and the aggregated variance technique / variance-time plots. I've posted a plea to sci.stat.edu and consult and sci.fractals, but no bites yet. Depending on the outcome of the thing I'm wibbling about, I might have to redo approximately 50% of the results in my thesis. At this stage, that will take about 2 days (seeing as I now know exactly what I'm doing), but I'd like to know as soon as possible.

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