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by way of a test...

Last night Richard finally got round to installing the new 20 gig hard drive that he bought a couple of months ago. We installed RedHat 7, and I copied a load of files over. Tonight I've been picking up all the new software that I haven't been able to use before. So far I've got a new version of Netscape (which seems significantly less crashy than the old version), a new irc program (xchat, as that was what was recommended by the majority of people on #soc.bi), a new newsreader (claimed by its homepage to do fancy things, but I can't verify this due to the complete lack of documentation), and the LoserJabber thingy, which I am using to post from literally as I type :)

Still got lots more to do before bedtime. I need to reinstall tinyfugue, and have a look round to see if I can find an irc program that's similar to it - it would be nice to have my IRCing in the same interface that I'm used to from over seven years of spodding, and I need to go to the doctor because I feel bloody ill. I've had a mild sore throat for about ten days now, and an earache for nearly a week - well, this evening I've been feeling as though I have a great lump in my throat, and it's got worse as the night's gone on. Now, even swallowing water is painful. I'm suspecting tonsillitis, though where on earth I'd have got that from I don't know. Bah.

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