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update on chocolate

Read this first.

Cadbury's have mailed me back and said that the Fry's Chocolate Creams don't actually contain milk, but are made in the same factory as milk chocolate and are thus unsuitable for people with anaphylaxic milk allergies. Bournville, on the other hand, definitely now contains milk. My mind is not exactly set at rest. It looks like I can still eat the Chocolate Creams, because microscopic traces of milk aren't a problem for me, but bars of plain chocolate - which I use in cooking, as well as eating - are out. Grrr.

If you feel angry about the change, write to Cadbury's by email or post, and point out that it's really crap for any of the following groups of people: (a) lactose intolerants, (b) milk allergic, (c) people with ezcema, asthma or IBS aggravated by dairy, (d) people who do not consume milk for religious reasons, (e) ethical vegans. Category (c) actually includes a hell of a lot of people, many of whom might not realise it. I still can't believe the fact I thought I was allergic to chocolate for 20-odd years (but ate it anyway, in very small quantities, and suffered afterwards) and it turned out to be the milk in chocolate that was the problem all along. Humph.
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