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my body is not completely crap after all

You always get to hear about the myriad of ways in which my body's broken, but I hardly ever get round to telling you things it does well. So... today I woke up craving toast with Marmite. Now, this might not seem like an odd thing to fancy first thing in the morning, but I haven't actually eaten Marmite since I was 16 or so. Obviously I'm low on B vitamins, so my body decided to make me crave something high in them. And we had Marmite in the cupboard from when Alexa fancied some recently. Having eaten four slices of toast (with Marmite), I feel a lot better.

My body is actually remarkably good at making me eat things I need. I have the usual premenstrual woman craving for chocolate, and also when I'm getting depressed for other reasons. But I can crave all sorts of healthy things as well. Short of calcium? I'll crave hot chocolate (this being the only way I can bear to drink delicious soy milk). Short of vitamin C? I'll crave orange juice. Low in iron? I'll want to eat cabbage. (Until the IBS started, I would think nothing of eating an entire baby cabbage by myself over a weekend). Lacking in protein? I'll fancy Quorn or eggs or Linda McCartney sausages (my protein trigger is obviously less specific). It's kinda cool. I'm always surprised when other people moan about their food cravings because they only ever crave stuff that's bad for them. Mine are almost always useful.
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