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computer woes, part 58

While I'm sitting here waiting for pages of my thesis to print, I should tell you about the computer problems that have been causing me grief. Firstly, Micro$oft Word decided, in its infinite wisdom, that five consecutive pages should all be numbered "55". I thought it was only two pages and was going to leave it, but five's a bit much. Then, when I tried to correct it, it refused to give me anything other than "55, 56, 57, 59, 60". It really objects to page 58 for some reason. I've had to turn off page numbering for that section and write them in myself with a black biro. I hope no one complains.

Then, this morning there was a lovely smell of TCP in the computer room. I didn't think too much of it at first, then I thought it was coming in from outside, then I thought it was a nasal hallucination caused by lack of sleep. Eventually I realised it was being given off by one of the machines, and remembered that polychlorinated phenols are used in PCB manufacture. So eeek, one of my circuit boards was melting. But which one? Turned out the fan in the server was so full of dust it had died, but that's really not something I needed to have happen today.

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