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Links of the week

You get a double dose, because I didn't write anything last week :P

Can't remember who originally linked to this: Installing love, geek version. Funny, if you know unix.

Found in a google search: Scans from a 1911 encyclopedia. Strange machines! Strange mammals! Strange... molluscs? Also from that site, peculiar words. I actually knew quite a few of the etymologies.

Link found in a comment in rosefox's lj: Apology t-shirt for American tourists - "I'm sorry my president's an idiot. I didn't vote for him.". I wish it wasn't on Cafepress, and that they did a British version.

From purplerabbits' LJ: A very silly Harry Potter cartoon, for everyone who loves good fanfic and hates it where the author has written themselves into the story...

A few months ago, we saw frankfurter octopi. Well, here's how to make them. Someone will have to buy me one of these tools. I hope they work with vegetarian hot dogs...

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