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One day I will look back on this and laugh.

I discovered last night that I really am allergic to latex in the most uncomfortable way imaginable.

After having the doom and gloom of discovering that both latex and polyurethane condoms made me itchy, and every other form of contraception is out for one reason or another, I found some condoms that are made of latex but are treated in a way to make them less likely to cause allergic reactions. We'd used them a few times and I didn't seem to have any problems with them.

But having done all this mad computer work to get my thesis done, I've been wearing Tubigrips on my wrists for a few days - they're an elasticated support bandage, and they contain latex. So i've been wearing latex against my skin for a week or so, and that must have overloaded my immune system or something. I tell you, no one needs to be lying snuggled up to their sweetie and have a violent red burning rash breaking out all over their nether regions. I leapt into a lukewarm bath with bicarbonate of soda (it took so long to run!) and sat there for 15 minutes, patted myself dry, slathered it with aloe gel and took an antihistamine. Got to sleep without too much trouble, but... argh.

Today I can at least walk, which saves me the embarrassment of ringing work and trying to explain why I can't go in, but I'm really not very comfortable. Grrr. Goddamnit.

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