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too much wrist action

I am mostly not writing in livejournal because my wrists hurt. This is also my excuse for not replying to email. Have overused my wrists immensely as I was getting my thesis done and now I really need to rest them. The problem is, absolutely everything I like to/need to do involves using my wrists. Even reading seems to use a lot of wrist action (holding the book, turning the pages). And I have to do a fair bit of typing at work.

I have neoprene wrist supports which look stupid but are stronger than Tubigrip and don't cause latex allergy, but they don't help much. Or rather, I hurt so much/they are so weak that even with supports they are still crap. Short of getting a slave to do everything for me, I'm not sure what I can do. No, this isn't a request for advice, random joint pain is just part of my life, I'll make adjustments and consult a professional if it doesn't improve soon.

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