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Right. Delayed birthday celebration this Saturday. I think what we'll do is go to the Science Museum for the afternoon because I haven't been there in ages. Meet at about 2pm inside the main entrance? If you want to go there earlier and have the whole day to look round, feel free to go to the Launch Pad, Space and Flight galleries, as I've seen them enough to last a lifetime, and avoid the Nuclear Physics and Power, Challenge of Materials and the King George III galleries, as they're my favourites.

We'll probably get Italian food for lunch beforehand and Chinese afterwards. If you want to meet up for lunch, let me know and we'll arrange a time. I'm not sure what to do about dinner - whether to go to Chinatown or come back to a place near where I live - it depends how many people there are. And what we'll do after dinner depends on whether we are near home (in which case people can come back and watch a video or something) or in the centre of town.

So, a poll! For organisational purposes...Collapse )

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