helen-louise (baratron) wrote,

the weekend in failures and successes

This weekend I have been mostly failing to meet hobbitbabe.

Went to the pub with the drunkbisexuals on Friday. Haven't been out with them for ages because of my general inability to cope with smoke, but I thought I'd make the effort because of the visiting Canadian and nitoda trio. Having been delayed at work, I entirely failed to get there in time to see hobbitbabe, and no one managed to give her my phone number before she disappeared. Having been delayed even further by bus shennanigans, I failed to arrive at the pub in a good mood and didn't feel like staying, although I was there for long enough to note that I'd probably be able to come again as long as all the smokers were at the other end of the table. So that counts as a partial success, I think.

Went to the Science Museum on Saturday. Failed to meet johnckirk for lunch because I felt too ill to get out of bed earlier, and failed to meet hobbitbabe for reasons unknown. Successfully met nitoda, thekumquat, meirion and mjl, and had a successful trip round the Challenge of Materials and Making the Modern World galleries. Had a less successful trip around the Who am I? gallery on the basis the museum closed before we finished. Neither failed nor succeeded in seeing the free Earth from the Air photo exhibition in the grounds of the Natural History Museum - my legs hurt too much to look at it in detail, so I sat down for a long time and then looked at the pictures very quickly. Found David and Toni, and had an extremely successful dinner.

Today, I failed to get out of bed at a sensible time, but successfully got to work only a little bit late. Tonight, I'm entirely failing to connect to irc. Apparently every single server of Freenode is dead, which seems rather unlikely. I can connect to EnterTheGame, but not to a server where there are other people on the #sims channel, which is also rather wrong. Hmmm.

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