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Just had one of "those" conversations with a customer service droid.

I registered today for Orange Open Access when I was on my way home from work. When I got in and looked at the web site, it said there were two plans: GPRS Open Access and CSD Open Access, so I should make sure I was connected to the right one. So I phoned up to check. The customer service droid latched onto the word "GPRS" and kept telling me inane facts about GPRS, and how to get my phone to use GPRS. I have known perfectly well how to use it for the past year. All I needed to know was whether I was connected to the right plan. But this seemed to be like beating my head against a wall.

Then when he said "oh, it doesn't make any difference, the plans are the same, we just need to know which set of settings to send to your phone", I wondered if I needed to access wap a different way now that I had Open Access. This set him off waffling about the "Active Service Settings" menu again! I tried an analogy: on my computer, if I want to use a normal modem and pay 1p per minute for the call, I dial one access number. To use my cable modem account that's free anytime, I have to call a different number. Do I need a new set of settings to use OpenAccess? But this made things a million times worse, because you don't call a number to use GPRS, you phone contacts an "Access Point", and he started telling me that GPRS is the faster way of using wap again! Dear Lord.

Eventually I managed to extract from him the information that I just need to use the existing phone number or Access Point depending on whether I want to use phone call or GPRS wap, and it is free up to a certain amount, but I'm not actually sure whether that information is correct. So I'm going to have to call back another time and speak to someone who has a clue.

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